We collaborate to make your website appropriately great.

The ingredients are simple but the results are amazing. We’ll pool our knowledge and skills to create a website you can be proud of.

It’s a collaborative effort, and we’re going to have fun along the way.

The process

We’ll assess your needs, wants and means and agree on the scope, schedule, and investment level for the project. There will be a signed agreement and an initial investment required to start. The signed agreement will have a detailed schedule with milestones to keep us on-track. We’ll stay in constant communication throughout the process so you can be comfortable and confident.

The confidence factor

The website we create together will be a two-fold confidence-builder.

You’ll feel confidence in having it represent you and your business. This confidence will likely carry over into all of your business dealings.

Your audience will feel confidence in the quality of your business. They will be more likely to choose you and stick with you.

Cost versus value

I can’t tell you what the investment for your project will be without learning about you and your needs.

If you’re shopping around you’ll likely get a wide range of quotations. When it comes to choosing a website partner you should consider both the likely quality of the finished product(s) and also the quality of the service and support you’ll receive throughout the project and into the future.

Given my years of training and experience, my full-time independent status, and my passion for making things right, I will give you impressive value.

And if for some reason we aren’t a good fit I’ll be happy to offer any resources I know of that may benefit you.

But I can’t call (or email) you. You have to take the first step!

(423) 753 - 8121

Or maybe you’d like to know more about me first

...or see what I’ve done with others

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