Who I Recommend

I not only recommend these service providers, I use and trust them for my own business. Read on to find out why.

Note: I’m including both affiliate and non-affiliate links. You pay the same price either way, but if you sign up through the affiliate link I get credit for referring you. The non-affiliate links are there in case you’d rather not give me credit :-) The recommendations still stand!

There is also an easy way to copy the URL in case you’re passing along the recommendation to a client and don’t want to send them to this page.

Webhosting: Canvas Host (formerly Canvas Dreams)

Excellent speed (even with my beloved but resource-intensive Concrete5), competitive pricing, customer support you can call, and the wind-powered aspect makes my quasi-hippie heart beat faster. Located in Portland, OR.

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Email Campaigns: MailChimp

The power user features put out by this perpetually innovating company are deep if you need them, yet the workflow remains simple if you don’t. I appreciate the pay-per-email option (and bits of humor throughout).

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Domain Registration: NameCheap

Don’t let the horrible name turn you off. I’ve used NameCheap for 13+ years and never had a reason to switch. Less expensive than GoDaddy for a .com and no objectifying of women (it’s up to you whether that’s a pro or con).

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