Collaboration Process

Note that after the Initiation phase there is typically some overlap and back-and-forth between the next steps (especially the high-fives).

  1. Initiation

    We talk on the phone about what your goals are and how I can help get you there. We’ll shape the scope, schedule, and investment level for our collaboration.
  2. Strategy

    I can help shape a site map (pages plan), content outline, and content strategy. Or bring your own. Your choice.
  3. Design*

    Typically this is done in one of two ways:

    • You create your design in a graphics program such as Photoshop — hopefully showing me screenshots periodically so we can discuss ideas and feasibility — and then deliver the file(s) for coding.
    • We select an appropriate pre-coded theme and discuss customization options.
    * While I bring a visual designer’s skill to the process, I no longer create fully-custom designs for any clients. The good news is that semi-custom designs (which I’m happy to help with) deliver a great product while significantly reducing the investment level.
  4. Development & Content Population

    I code all the page types and optionally build out the full site (depending on the project scope this may or may not include adding all of the content). An appropriate content management system (CMS) is employed to make the site easy to update.
  5. Delivery & Training

    The site is made live and I provide custom video tutorials showing how to accomplish key site editing tasks. CMS access is often made available pre-launch.
  6. High-fives all around

    Time for a refreshing beverage.
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