Who I Am (abridged version)

My philosophy

Amazing and true

Creating websites is often the last thing I think about before I go to sleep, and the first thing I think about when I wake up. Yes, it may be a bit odd, but you can put that oddity to work for you.

A bit of pertinent history

I’ve worked as a graphic designer and web developer since 1999 (full-time since 2000) and owned my own full-time business since 2006.

I’m a graduate of the prestigious (and grueling) graphic design program at Portfolio Center in Atlanta and hold a BA in Art History from Davidson College (NC).

Avocations that make me better at my job

Running & yoga

The physical benefits of exercise. Knowing when to push and when to ease up. Staying calm and persevering when things get tough. Starting, stopping, and re-starting over and over. (Including stopping exercising altogether for a while and then restarting it :-)


The ability to play well with others. Knowing my place in an ensemble. The spaces between the notes are just as important as the notes themselves. (Currently I’m enjoying the djembe and ukulele. I’m also teaching drumming to others.)


Consciously practicing dual-perspective and clear, consistent communication on a daily basis. Going with the flow. Not sweating the small stuff. (I have genetically identical twin daughters.)

Decluttering & organizing

Reducing the unnecessary. Putting things in logical places. (I’m a bit obsessed with this.)

Design & coding

Work can and should be fun, at least most of the time. (Yes, I do this stuff in my spare time, too, just because I like it. My personal research and play make my professional projects stronger. My wife sees me on the computer after-hours and asks “are you working?” and my best answer is “um... no... well, kind of... but not really...”)

Possibly irrelevant tidbits

Kirk Busting a Serious Ballet Movepracticing the fine art of impromptu ballet

You can contact me at
(423) 753 - 8121 or

Let’s see how well I play with others

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